Raben’s Universe

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Rabens Saloner is a label that has an elusive emotional power. It speaks to those who love it in a way that extends beyond fashion into the interior landscape of a person, reminding us of wild, wonderful things: bonfire nights on moonlit beaches, Led Zeppelin songs, the freedom feeling of an epic road trip, of speeding down a desert highway with our hand out the window.

Beauty, integrity and and artisinal traditions merge, creating an instant connection to the clothes that continues and grows with the wearing.

Shapes and fabrics are recognisable yet while Rabens Saloner will mix and match and play with contrasts it stays true to its essence every season.

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The current collection is inspired by the Japanese word ‘Kintsukuroi’ – meaning the art of repairing what is broken with gold or silver and the understanding that sometimes being broken only makes things more beautiful.

Accents of gold are used throughout the entire collection to fuse disparate ‘broken pieces’ together. Elements of high end 70’s mix with formal silhouettes in casual fabrics. Suede as a dominating material adds a soft structure and raw appeal. Oriental motifs are never far away in Raben’s universe, and prints from different eras and countries are reworked and recoloured and given harmony and sophistication.

Intricate patterned fabrics are made in Bali by artisans using wooden colour screens. The blocks must be placed with exact precision so that the dyeing is just within the fine lines of the detailed patterns. For each colour that needs to be added, the process is repeated. As the colour must dry before the next is added it can take days before the finished item is ready.

To see the current collection’s fabrics being made in their dye house in Bali, click here

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Fall in love with Raben’s universe at rpmmelbourne now.

One Ocean, All Lands


One Ocean, All Lands (the ocean is one and the world is connected) is the mantra at the heart of Japanese label nanamica.

For their latest collection now at rpm menswear, nanamica have envisioned the travel style of creators who work in the city but are always on the move – the global citizen – and the whole array of scenes they meet in their travels.

From freezing temperatures outdoors to the sudden warmth of an office, from the confinement of long hours of transportation to relaxation or an important meeting when good manners are required.

The result? Multifunctional items, beyond trends but always in style, with smart features and fabric technology that will make you more comfortable wherever you go.

Tune in to nanamica’s rhythm of the ocean.

Le Tee Shirt

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Get the basics right and everything else falls into place.

You know what you need to go with that amazing pleated Malene Birger midi-skirt you bought last season? Those AG frayed hem crop flares we sold you a month ago? The chocolate leather flippy skirt from Rabens?

Yep, a perfectly cut, luxuriously fabricated t-shirt.

A great t-shirt turns a sophisticated outfit into something a bit cooler, edgier. In contrast, casual denim is elevated by the integrity of a luxury tee.

Good news is we have taken the guess-work out and found found the best basics for your wardrobe – they come from heritage French brand Majestic Filatures and a new drop has arrived to our women’s department.

For 25 years Majestic has developed deluxe t-shirts handcrafted in Paris and made in Europe. Their philosophy is to treat the basic item of clothing with luxury, simplicity and timelessness.

All their materials are hand-washed and the design process meticulously considered as in the tradition of a great fashion house.

Need some street style/celebrity inspiration? Here’s a pick of some of our favourite looks:

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Folk Like Us

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Call us naive, but we love folk-inspired fashion and our current collection from ba&sh has created beautiful examples of this indiginous style.

Like the art of its namesake, folk fashion has its roots in traditional culture and the craftsmanship of peasants. Decorative embroidery and fluid shapes take precedence over minimalism and tailoring. Fashion and art are fused in a humble way.

Every spring and summer the folk trend emerges with its own updates and modern muses. We like how this year we see it parred-back, with the flourishes of folk standing alone against frayed denim and simple accessories. Also from our current collection, this Intropia jacket (below) channels fashion-editor cool with folk-inspired fabric.

embroidered, jacket, street, style, folk
Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses have become a major trend, after a slow burn for the past couple of years. This summer everyone will be showing their pretty collar bones and freckles will be see on the best of shoulders. Fusing both folk AND flattering, we love how this style says sexy without the usual flesh on show. Again, team a flouncy top with denim, from washed blue shorts to a pencil skirt or distressed jeans. We have denim from ba&sh and AG to fit the bill.

Ready, set, summer!



Spring Break

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Our women’s department was filled with gas on Tuesday – champagne, helium balloons and lots of excitable chatter that is – as we launched the Spring collections from Paul & Joe, Paul & Joe Sister and Intropia (formerly Hoss Intropia).

Spring trends that have us delighted are the return of the romantic white shirt, perfect to partner with new season denim updates – jeans get higher in the waist and shorter in the leg and the denim skirt is revised as a 70’s style classic button-down.

We love how this ruffled high neck and flounced sleeved top from Intropia subtly nails the pervading Victorian-era influences in fashion. A bit theatrical but still oh-so-effortless, this is how we plan to play the trend. Didn’t know there was a Victorian thing going on? Click here for proof!

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We are taking style cues from the street and also plan to wear it like this…

street, style, high, neck, white, shirt, denim

Folk-fashion is not a passing fad! It’s an attitude and personality type (shall we expand? – daydreamy, feminine, poetic, expressive) that means it will (we hope) never end. We love how French labels get the balance just right, never letting boho turn into blah, or prairie into plain. It’s more about artisanal finishes and heritage fabrics (cotton, cheesecloth, denim, mohair etc). This Spring Paul & Joe have provided us with the perfect take on the 70’s denim skirt. Team with their feather-light cotton lace-up blouse and up-the-ankle black sandals from Intropia to balance the look with some cool-girl edge.

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And as always, Alexa is way ahead and marries both trends and makes us want them even more!

alexa, chung, denim, skirt

Our place


We love this etching Shelley did – by memory, clever girl – of our beloved heritage building. Since moving from Lygon Street over a year ago now, after much hard work to re-invent the space to suit our needs, we couldn’t be happier in our new home.

From the start of this move we knew there would be less footfall. We welcomed that. Because what we always wanted to achieve was the ability to nurture our clientele and create an intimate and considered environment for them to shop. Having the time to give great service and to get to know the needs of our customers was always the intention. And we think it’s working.

Thank you to all of you who made the move with us and to the new people we have encountered since.

Here’s to many more fantastic & fashionable days ahead!


Last days of sale

The racks are clearing, happy shoppers are leaving with bargains…our (brrr) winter sale is in full swing. See anything you like above? Well hurry in before it’s all gone. New season and new beginnings await.

PS: We are open on Tuesdays over sale.