Playfully Chic – Tara Jarmon


It’s harvest time!

Every good thing has it’s season and now, nearly a year after our Paris buying trip, the wait is over and the feast begins. We are sure you will love the banquet on offer, especially the rich delights of Tara Jarmon, available in store this week.

Playful and glamorous, Paris-based designer Tara Jarmon has created a collection of her trademark simply cut, gorgeously embellished pieces for Spring Summer 2017.

It’s an eclectic collection of endlessly delightful options – consider Hawaiian prints in silky pant suits, tulle skirts teamed with satin bombers, billowing pants with thigh-high splits and cocoon-shaped parkas over embroidered dresses.

The look is chic with a very feminine and modern twist. Fantasy is key to the Tara Jarmon story, she invites you to step into the light in a rainbow of beautiful colours, architectural shapes and bold prints.

Tara Jarmon Spring Summer 2017 is available at rpm now.



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