The Rabens Saloner Story

10 years ago Birgitte Raben was selling her hand made, traditionally crafted clothes from the back of a car. Today, although her label is hotly anticipated and internationally desired, she maintains her committment to craftmanship and sustainability

The Rabens Saloner story began when Birgitte started travelling in Asia, meeting artisans who’s skills she deeply admired.

They are so good at the craftsmanship. Their sense of colour is amazing and absolutely unique. When I work with colours, I’ll work with a range of nuances – but the artisans create the most wonderful combinations and tones.

Living for half of the year in Bali, where most of the techniques used in the making of her exquisite clothing take place, Birgitte is employed in every step of the process and knows all the people behind her garments.

I have always been fascinated by the East. I love that the good craftsmanship of generation to generation is still intact. It is the  opposite in Europe, where industry has gradually become industrialised.

Large sections of Raben’s collections are made by hand and nothing is mass-produced. Sustainablity has always been a focus for the label.

It takes time, but I do not compromise. Things should rather be done properly than quickly, it has to be done with the heart and I must be able to stand for my collections all the way around the supply chain.

In a speeded up world of fast fashion and careless consumption, we too are taking the time to consider the beauty of considered and crafted clothing, where each piece has a human story.

Rabens Saloner Spring/Summer 17 is in store at rpm now!

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