Broken Beauty

pitti, men, fashion

Like any investment, you want a good suit to work for it’s money, si?

Wearing a quality suit you look the part for serious business and formal events, but lately we’ve noticed the predominance of broken-up tailoring.

Broken what?  Taking the jacket from one suit and the pants from another. This is like merging investments, and produces a style which combines contrasting tones, fabrics and patterns in a way that looks expressive and sharp.

Which is why, in these final weeks of sale we’re happy to separate our suits – although at half price, you could buy 2 and get 4 potentially great looks for the price of 1. Follow?

Pulling it together is easier than it sounds – it just takes some confidence – so let us guide you:

1: Use darker and lighter hues of the same colour. Here blue on blue is anything but boring.

broken, suit, street, style

Shop this style: rpm blue blazer, Gran Sasso knitted shirt, Reporter trousers, Henderson Baracco brogues, Lanvin tie.

2: Play with pinstripes. Patterns teamed with block colour works a treat as this guy proves. 

broke, suit, street, style, pinstripes

Above: Haikure pinstripe pants, rpm suit jacket, Fred Perry wool cardigan, Paul Smith shirt, Tie from Lanvin, Henderson Baracco brogues

3: Bring neutrals to life with great accessories. Taupe tones with powder blue and navy are given extra dash with high shine brogues and a cool carry-all.


Shop his style: AT.P.CO taupe jacket, Paul Smith shirt, Lanvin tie, chinos by Haikure, Henderson Baracco brogues, Nanamica bag, Pantherella socks.

4: Stay super tailored in luxe suit separates. Quality suiting is unmissable, in an over-all palette of blue this gent has nailed the business end of broken tailoring.

broken, suit, tailoring, street, style

Shop our look: Reporter Irish cotton jacket, rpm royal blue pants, Paul Smith shirt, Henderson Baracco loafers, socks by Pantherella, Lanvin tie

Images from He Spoke Style, Esquire and Pinterest.

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