Rethink the future


In an industry often maligned for flippancy, it is nice to promote an Italian fashion brand that has a serious, thoughtful intent.

Haikure, providing our latest drop of denim at rpm women and a long standing favourite in our menswear department, is at the cutting edge. A real eco-fashion brand committed to ensuring the total sustainability of its collections.

Acting with respect for people and the environment, Haikure uses eco-sustainable raw materials and processes under the control of MADE-BY, an independent agency caring for the social and environmental conditions of all parties involved in the production process.

Thanks to the QR code placed on a label, you can directly track the garment and verify its eco-sustainability throughout the production chain.

Traceability means to wear the story of a garment, to discover and know about its origin and to appreciate the value of each detail. From the growing field of fabric to the place where the item gets finished, through each trim or treatment supplier.

This is fashion rethinking how we make and buy for now and the future.


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