Raben’s Universe

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Rabens Saloner is a label that has an elusive emotional power. It speaks to those who love it in a way that extends beyond fashion into the interior landscape of a person, reminding us of wild, wonderful things: bonfire nights on moonlit beaches, Led Zeppelin songs, the freedom feeling of an epic road trip, of speeding down a desert highway with our hand out the window.

Beauty, integrity and and artisinal traditions merge, creating an instant connection to the clothes that continues and grows with the wearing.

Shapes and fabrics are recognisable yet while Rabens Saloner will mix and match and play with contrasts it stays true to its essence every season.

rpmmelbourne, rabens, saloner

The current collection is inspired by the Japanese word ‘Kintsukuroi’ – meaning the art of repairing what is broken with gold or silver and the understanding that sometimes being broken only makes things more beautiful.

Accents of gold are used throughout the entire collection to fuse disparate ‘broken pieces’ together. Elements of high end 70’s mix with formal silhouettes in casual fabrics. Suede as a dominating material adds a soft structure and raw appeal. Oriental motifs are never far away in Raben’s universe, and prints from different eras and countries are reworked and recoloured and given harmony and sophistication.

Intricate patterned fabrics are made in Bali by artisans using wooden colour screens. The blocks must be placed with exact precision so that the dyeing is just within the fine lines of the detailed patterns. For each colour that needs to be added, the process is repeated. As the colour must dry before the next is added it can take days before the finished item is ready.

To see the current collection’s fabrics being made in their dye house in Bali, click here

rpmmelbourne, rabens, saloner,

Fall in love with Raben’s universe at rpmmelbourne now.

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