Folk Like Us

folk, fashion, bohemian
Call us naive, but we love folk-inspired fashion and our current collection from ba&sh has created beautiful examples of this indiginous style.

Like the art of its namesake, folk fashion has its roots in traditional culture and the craftsmanship of peasants. Decorative embroidery and fluid shapes take precedence over minimalism and tailoring. Fashion and art are fused in a humble way.

Every spring and summer the folk trend emerges with its own updates and modern muses. We like how this year we see it parred-back, with the flourishes of folk standing alone against frayed denim and simple accessories. Also from our current collection, this Intropia jacket (below) channels fashion-editor cool with folk-inspired fabric.

embroidered, jacket, street, style, folk
Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses have become a major trend, after a slow burn for the past couple of years. This summer everyone will be showing their pretty collar bones and freckles will be see on the best of shoulders. Fusing both folk AND flattering, we love how this style says sexy without the usual flesh on show. Again, team a flouncy top with denim, from washed blue shorts to a pencil skirt or distressed jeans. We have denim from ba&sh and AG to fit the bill.

Ready, set, summer!



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