Spring Break

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Our women’s department was filled with gas on Tuesday – champagne, helium balloons and lots of excitable chatter that is – as we launched the Spring collections from Paul & Joe, Paul & Joe Sister and Intropia (formerly Hoss Intropia).

Spring trends that have us delighted are the return of the romantic white shirt, perfect to partner with new season denim updates – jeans get higher in the waist and shorter in the leg and the denim skirt is revised as a 70’s style classic button-down.

We love how this ruffled high neck and flounced sleeved top from Intropia subtly nails the pervading Victorian-era influences in fashion. A bit theatrical but still oh-so-effortless, this is how we plan to play the trend. Didn’t know there was a Victorian thing going on? Click here for proof!

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We are taking style cues from the street and also plan to wear it like this…

street, style, high, neck, white, shirt, denim

Folk-fashion is not a passing fad! It’s an attitude and personality type (shall we expand? – daydreamy, feminine, poetic, expressive) that means it will (we hope) never end. We love how French labels get the balance just right, never letting boho turn into blah, or prairie into plain. It’s more about artisanal finishes and heritage fabrics (cotton, cheesecloth, denim, mohair etc). This Spring Paul & Joe have provided us with the perfect take on the 70’s denim skirt. Team with their feather-light cotton lace-up blouse and up-the-ankle black sandals from Intropia to balance the look with some cool-girl edge.

rpmmelbourne, melbourne. boutique, fashion

And as always, Alexa is way ahead and marries both trends and makes us want them even more!

alexa, chung, denim, skirt

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